Bonoho Alert!!! Sonny Bonoho Home-made Gourmet Rice Cracker’s

Before Rice crackers in the bag was popular. My mom use to make these when I was a kid. I remember people use to make fun of me when my mom cooked it. It’s funny how time fly’s quick. You grow older and you remember your past. Yesterday, I felt like a lil kid again. I made me a batch of em. Man, my rice crackers was so good! Quite simply, depending on where, and how the rice is grown, there are noticable differences in the rice’s quality of aroma, texture, and taste. In order to create the finest quality Crackers. Carefully selects only the highest quality “Sticky Rice”, domestically produced, Thailand Jasmin Rice. I prefer the 50lb Bag. The cost:: $34.95.


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