H.I.S.D Feat. Sonny Bonoho “Automatic”

I flew into Salt Lake City, Utah to open up for De La Soul. Me, H.I.S.D & YZ, opening act for the festivity. I met all of them. Our convo led us to work wit each other. Amazing how God Works! Check this out, Peeps all the time ask me how you get the gigs. Well, it’s easy. Good friends! My brothers “Onry & Jfk of oldominion” ask me if i can work the merch table for them on the “Jedi Mind Trick Tour”. So i was on the road wit them for 28 dates. The weird thing about it was. We was in Veil, Colorado and Vinnie Paz got sick. So, they put me on as an opening act for them & Sean Price of Boot Camp Click for the show in Park City, Utah. One of the promoters loved my performance set. He reached out by telling me you need to come back. So I diid! & thats how I met YZ (my manager) & H.I.S.D. If you haven’t heard the song “Automatic”. Google Sonny Bonoho “Automatic”
H.I.S.D. “Automatic” Feat. Sonny Bonoho by sonnybonoho


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