Inspiration- Marcus D

Thoughts of Marcus D

“I started my journey through hip hop at the age of 13. Before I fell in love with urban sounds, my repertoire contained classical, classic rock, jazz, and blues, and every ingredient needed to gain an ear for mixing, sampling, and creating. I am not a thug. I make music and make it beautifully. They ask me, “how does he do it?” “Very carefully”. I’m passionate. I utilize my inspirations from all forms of music and mix with the rhythm that fills my blessed ears. My faith motivates and steadies me.”

What inspired you?
My Dad, whom I inherited my ear from, one Japanese composer, one Japanese producer, and my God given talent.

What keeps me from working?
School keeps me from working the most, but it forces me think in a different way than if I was just making beats all day, which is a plus. And Final Fantasy.

What’s good and what’s bad?
Good: Kanye West during the College Dropout Era, Substantial’s “Sacrifice”, Big Band Jazz & Just Blaze’s unreleased BP3 beats.
Bad: Kanye West after College Dropout Era & rappers that don’t pay for beats.

Contact Info:
Management for Japan Region:
Tsunetake Ito for Tamashie Creations / Elevation
Contact: tsune@tamashie.com6


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