Inspiration- Larue

Thoughts of Larue

What inspired you?
My inspiration came from two things. One was from the artists such as: Rakim, Pete Rock, Biggie, 2 pac, Nas, ect. Their word play and cleverness made me want to be an Mc. And second was performing in front of a packed crowd. There is no other feeling than performing your music in front of an energized crowd.

What keeps you working?
The people around me. Whenever I start to lose motivation someone approaches me and says something out the blue like “Aye Rue man I listen to your CD everyday bro, your songs are incredible”. When you hear someone tell you your song touches them emotionally, it motivates you to keep going. That was my plan.

What is good and what is bad?
What’s good is that I’m only getting better with time. I have yet to decrease in skill, I guess like wine with age I only get better. What’s bad is the location I’m in. My city of Seattle has a lot of talent but we are limited of major industry opportunities. In order for us to really take it to the next level we have to travel or move away and at this point in my life that’s something I can’t afford to do. We miss out on the face to face interactions with A&R’s and major record labels. We only hope that our emails will be read or demo tapes listened. Therefore we grind even harder.

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  1. Great Interview with LaRue!

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