Inspiration- Alex Wolfe

Thoughts of Alex Wolfe

I have been working as a freelance photographer since 2000. I have
degrees in Photography and Spanish, but truly realized that Photography
was my career choice and life passion after graduation when I was
introduced to the underground Hip Hop scene. I began photographing open
mic Hip Hop nights weekly around Seattle and before too long, was
completely absorbed in the scene. Through the years I have crossed paths
with many interesting people and have had my work published in various
magazines, newspapers and on CD covers and layouts. In 2008 I published
my first book, “Emerald City Hip Hop”. Directly after the publication I
moved to NYC because it drew me in. I had nothing in the bank and no
direct connections in the city, but it was the best way to do it! I am
now based in Brooklyn and continue to shoot what inspires me!

What inspired you?
At first I was inspired by being able to tell stories with images.
I continue to be inspired at each shoot. Photography enables me to meet
many different and interesting people and to cross paths for a moment.
I’m also inspired by the possibility of creating positive change through

What keeps you from working?
Not much would keep me from a shoot. I can be pulled away from
post-production by anything involving friends/family or art! But then
that usually means I have to get back to it later – even if it’s 3am…
When you’re freelancing though, you’re kinda always working!

What is good, and what is bad?
Good is doing what I love, the potential of making a difference, travel
and living in the moment. Bad is sometimes having to live on Ramen
Noodles and canned corn!

Contact Info:
Alexis Wolfe Photography
Ocupation: Photographer
Base: Brooklyn, NY
Group Affiliation: ASMP NYC


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