Inspiration- Mike Clark

Thoughts of Mike Clark

What inspired you?
The 1983 Black Community Festival performance by The Emerald Street Boys. I did not know what exactly I wanted to do, but I did want to be involved in the music business based on their performance.

What keeps you from working?
Nothing keeps me from working. I’m always doing something, which is sometimes my downfall. Not knowing when to relax or knowing how to relax. But when I do it’s because of my family, because they’ve always supported me in everything that I’ve aspired to do, including the documentary that I’m currently working on with the folks from The Coolout Network.

What is good and what is bad?
The good especially being from Seattle and living here my entire life, is the relationships I’ve fostered as a result of working in this business. I’ve had the opportunity to watch the career growth of guys like Vitamin D, Mr. Supreme, Funk Daddy, Jake One, B Mello, Jon Moore, etc., and feel a lot of pride in seeing what they’ve accomplished. The bad and I’m not necessarily in the opinion that it’s really a “bad thing”, but it’s that it’s taken much longer for the world to see what we’ve all seen in the talent in this area. But like the old saying “Better late, than never”, right?

Mike Clark
C: 206.552.9385
F: 206.374.2530


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