B.o.B “Shooting For The Star” Tour Experience 1

You know when you go to the airport 1-2 hr early before departure. Can you imagine if we prioritize our schedule. You will not hinder yourself or others around you. I was just thinking, when me & Grayskul was on tour with Jedi Mind Tricks for 28 days. I remember Onry would tell me about their past tour experience that every show they diid. They would be 1hr early before sound check. What I learned off of this is… it was about respect. Respect for the headliner’s tour. Just think, setting up a magor tour. What the Artist/Co gotta go through. BUDGETS /booking/Marketing /ect/ city to city for the next month and 1/2 and finally getting the official dates. All of this cost a lot of money. For the headliner, who puts you on as a opening act, YOU GOTTA BE ON TIME. VERY IMPORTANT STEP! I remember Onry telling me, “Sonny, we gonna set our merchandise table after the headliner’s set theirs first.” Through this experience, I appreciate Onry & JFK for teaching me a very important step about having a good tour run.


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