Interview w/ Producer Kutt The Check

I want to introduce the homie of mines producer/writer/artist “Kutt The Check” He produced for your favorite artist B.o.B, Travis Porter, Lupe Fiasco, T.I. and many more! I had a chance to sit down and ask him couple questions.

Where you from/ how you started producing?
I was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I was into music since the 6th grade.. I moved here when I was in the 10th started on the southside to the west side to eastside all the way to north atlanta did a bunch of beat battles from Club Miami to Club714 and other Atlanta clubs..

You Also Rap to?
Me and my ppl (u.f.g) another early atl group made a song called “go hard” It got the attention of Atlantic Records Mike Caren.. had few meetings and I get drafted to apg/atlantic as a writer and a producer.. during that time it was some guy called “b.o.b” (lol) who had a song on the radio called “haters”

You made Some Blaps on B.o.B’s project. Can you name some of the songs you did?
I made a track with a amy winehouse sample called “grip your body” b.o.b herd it and wanted it at first they said it was supposed to be for Outkast but Bob loved it, so we got together for the first time then to do that record and for anybody who’s heard that record said, “it was a classic!” but thats how i started producing for bob & Playboy Tre. They was digging alot of my tracks to and he was the one who picked out the “bet i” track wit T.I. It started from being on a mixtape to ti jumping on it when got out and thats where we met #salute my boi for pushing for that.

Sonny- It was definately a dope vid shoot, I’m glad I was in the “Bet I Bust” video (3.37 to be exact lol). Big shout out to Director Gabriel Hart for putting me on and Will @ Striver’s Row for plugging me wit some Akoo’s.

Make sure you Support the homie & follow @kuttthecheck This year will be a big year for both of us! 2 stack twizzo Sonny Bonoho Kutt The Check!


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