So Last night, I was hosting at Chop Suey for The 12 tour. I ran into the homies Bobby, Jessie, & Remi from Crisis Crew. They started a clothing Apparel Called R&W Streetwear. Its pure FrSH! Founders consist of: Jesse Quino, Alex Paek, Bobby Rice, Remy Okada, & Lukie Okada. They plug me wit a cool hoody sweatshirt. If yall ain’t hip to the new new. Heres the scoop… R&W Mission: Our Mission: It started with an idea of expressing Hip Hop through the art of t-shirt fashion. Big Daddy Kane’s hit song “RAW” had a huge impact for Ready and Willing, by fueling our creativity. As bboys there were no other local clothing companies that expressed how we wanted to be represented, and with dedication RAW was born. With time we hope that our message will spread not only to the Hip Hop culture but to the whole community. Be Ready and willing for any opportunity that comes your way. Website:.


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