Check Out Bizarre’s New Mixtape “This Guy Is A Weirdo” Feat. Sonny Bonoho

Mixtape Download Link:
Bizarre – This Guys A Weirdo

1) Young Mase Intro (feat. Sonny Bonoho)
2) Shade 45
3) Hey Nicki
4) Phee’s Clouds (feat. Gam)
5) Stage Dive (feat. Madchild)
6) Coc*ine
7) Snatch Yo Carties (feat. King Gordy)
8) I’m So High (Tylenal 3)
9) I Don’t Know What I Did Last Night (feat. Brotha Lynch Hung, Fury & King Gordy)
10) Kemp Dog
11) Mind Sex (feat. FaygosAndConey)
12) My Moms A Stoner
13) She Keeps Calling
14) Best I Ever Had (feat. MJ Robinson)
15) Runaway
16) Murder Kill (feat. Charlie P)
17) Justin Bieber (feat. King Gordy)
18) Cypher (feat. Shakia Snow, Beretta & Big T)
19) Give It To Me Papi


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