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“My mind activates the world,” says Sonny Bonoho. A peak into
the artist’s wacky brain with Jermaine.

Seattle, WA — August 2011 –His last album, Phonepreak got a second wind
when the EP was released last January, getting the attention of music
industry bloggers, as well as local press. Since then, Sonny Bonoho has
captured new fans, touring with fellow hip hoppers B.o.B and Playboy Tre
and mingling amongst the underground hip hop circuit. This summer he also
connected with early supporters such as Bizarre of D-12, who is featured in
the current video for “Grand Daaam,” from his latest EP, Jermaine, available
for free download this month.

“Grand Daam” is a remake of the song that was included in his previous
album. The song is accompanied by a video in collaboration with motion
animation artist, Jeff Peak, and is Sonny’s first self-produced video. It gives
viewers a glimpse into his brain and an entertaining perspective on how
Sonny interpretes dealing with a dry spell in his career.

“I put my lyrics into visuals and that’s how I communicate. I can’t explain it
in words,” said Sonny. “My mind activates the world, and I just hope that
people who watch and listen get what I’m trying to say.”

“Grand Daaam” is not a video meant to womanized or degrade females, it’s
Sonny’s creative (some may say f-uped) way of internalizing the stress of
pursuing his passion for music and staying positive in his work and message.

Jermaine will released for free download on on August
10th and later on Fans can also see the new video
trailer for “I Know” featuring Playboy Tre directed by Chris Le.

In May he toured with Pigeon John and The Chicharones, covering seven
west coast cities. “It was the first time my name was on the bill and it was
very empowering,” said Sonny, who has supported bigger names like B.o.B,
Playboy Tre, Jedi Mind Tricks, Aesop Rock, & Nappy Roots on their tours.

“My struggle and hustle is my fan’s struggle and hustle. That’s what my
music has been about from day one,” he said.

If you’re wondering what’s the connection with sonny’s music, the name of
the new EP and the artwork on the cover, ask him at your own risk.

View the video for “Grand Daaam”


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